New Work : Action Figures : Installation View | Rowe Galleries | Charlotte, NC | 01/13



Welcome! My creative career spans 15 years of professional design and independent art practice, including an MFA from University of Michigan and a Fulbright Student Scholar Fellowship at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland. I joined the faculty at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in the Fall of 2010, where I currently teach graphic design courses, such as senior thesis and communication design.

My inner-generated ideas result in design and art projects of many different kinds. At other times, an outside organization or client contacts me to apply my creative experience to a problem they have. I consider both of these processes to be connected by creative thinking, visual knowledge and intuition.

You will find other biographical and professional information about me here. Periodically I deposit short thoughts and interesting images in the "Notes" section of the site. This is an ongoing creative lab that I return to from time to time to strike off on new creative paths.